Important Reopening of Schools Update

September 4, 2020

Dear Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor CSD Parents & Community,

2020 is a year like no other. We have been challenged like never before. Our sense of normalcy has been shaken and we continue to deal with the effects of the global pandemic, as the days move us forward. Schools across our state and nation have been working tirelessly, to prepare to educate students virtually, in-person, and many scenarios in-between. As school leaders we have worked diligently to do all we can to prepare our educators, classrooms, students and families for coming back to school.

During this time of confusion and fear, we must be certain that every safeguard is in place before our students’ arrive at school. We have addressed and readjusted every aspect of our reopening plans as new procedures, information, and roadblocks continued to develop. We have overcome obstacles that we once thought impossible. We have thoughtfully collaborated with our constituents and developed thorough reopening plans that we take pride in. With that, we are saddened to inform our community that we must delay the start of in-person learning for our 6th-12th graders.

On the evening of Thursday, September 3rd, additional obstacles to our reopening came to light that the Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor Consolidated Schools are not fully prepared for all students to return to the school campus. As principals, we are responsible for enforcing safety protocols in the schools and ensuring that we are able to safely and smoothly welcome students. At this time the CSD school buildings, transportation, as well as staffing needs are not ready to support our reopening plans. There have been endless hours, heroes, and many hands actively working each day to do all that can be done to open our schools on September 8th. Due to many factors out of our control such as: delays in access to resources and materials, projects that are not completed in both schools, and insufficient transportation coverage, it is our responsibility to delay the reopening of schools for in-person instruction for our 6th-12th graders.

Updated plan:

Grades Pk-5th grades: Continue with the current plan of starting in-person instruction on September 8th. We are confident that we can safely educate and transport the students who require transportation in grades PreK-5th grade to and from school, as scheduled. This approach would allow our youngest students in the district to receive in-person instruction while also helping with potential child care issues for our families with the youngest children in our school.

Grades 6th-12th grades: Will begin the 2020-2021 school year with a 100% Distance Learning model. BRHS students participating in Bath Vocational programming will attend those programs in-person, as scheduled at BRCTC beginning on September 8th.

Deployment of School Issued Devices:

BRHS -Wednesday, September 9th.

BRES (6th-8th grade)- Thursday September 10th and Friday the 11th.

All Distance Learning instruction and Virtual Academy learning will begin on September 14th.

We remain committed to fully opening our schools to in-person instruction for all students as soon as possible. At this point, our goal is to have all students resume our original opening plans on Monday, September 28th.

We understand that this is the eleventh hour, and with little notice to you and your children, we are adjusting our plans once again. We understand the planning and stress that we have placed on you. That is what made this decision a very difficult one to make. Having this additional time will allow the CSD to provide a slow and supportive transition for our students back to a safe learning environment for all. We will actively build, assess and manage arrival and dismissal on our campus, as well as the management and practice of having students in the buildings. BRES 6th-8th grade students and BRHS students will have access to their teachers and education plans through the use of technology and our online learning platforms.

We remain thankful for the continued support and understanding of our community.

Tricia Campbell, Principal BRHS & Shawna Kurr, Principal BRES

For families with distance learning students, please fill out this form indicating your meal needs: