A Letter from BRHS Principal Tricia Campbell

Greetings BRHS Parent/Guardian(s):

2020-2021 is a back-to- school experience like none other. Students across the globe have returned to school in a variety of formats –in-person, online, or somewhere in between. The Boothbay Region continues to demonstrate, when times get tough, we rally, come together and flex our determination and strength. I could not be more proud to be a member of this very special community!

As a school family we were heart wrenched to have had to postpone the reopening of schools. Numerous hands have given every effort but the obstacles stacked quickly and in the end building project delays, shipping delays, transportation and staffing needs presented the clear decision, that to ensure that we are prioritizing safety, we could not open our schools. We have remained focused on moving forward and continuing to ready our schools for all students. These are challenging times indeed. We are part of an international community, and no one has emerged unaffected. We remain committed to our students, staff and families.

While our teams have been working diligently, we are still facing a transportation shortage. However, we remain determined and have continued to work eagerly preparing to welcome all our students back. We will have our students back in-person. Call me stubborn, but I have faith in our staff and community. We are working to problem solve and why there is no easy solution, there are creative solutions that we are working through. The Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor CSD 6th -12th grade staff and students have displayed great commitment and efforts through their participation in their online distance learning. We are very proud of them!

As we prepare for students to return to in-person, hybrid learning at BRHS on September 28th, we wanted to share reminders. Students will not have access to lockers. Each student will be responsible to carry their backpack with their individual supplies (computers, notebooks, pens/pencils, lunch/snack, and water bottles). The water fountains are closed but the individual water bottle fill stations are available for student use. This week parents will receive letters and emails from the high school. Please help by completing each of the forms as requested (updated health forms, emergency contacts, etc.). Wednesday 9/23 is the last add/drop day for any changes to semester one schedules. All students and staff are required to wear masks. Bandanas are not acceptable alternatives. Masks should be secured with ties or ear loops and fit snuggly against the side of the face. The school will have masks for any student that does not have one.

High School students are following their daily schedule (bell schedule) that they will follow when back in the building. Students are expected to log on and be present at the start of each of their academic periods. All BRHS students are participating in 3-4 courses each semester, as well as participating as a member of an Advisory group during CORE period. All students must check into CORE daily (Monday- Friday).  If a student is not present during a class, they are marked absent. The BRHS office will reach out to help identify any obstacles and connect individuals to supports as needed. If a student is having difficulty joining a class or misses a class for any reason, they are responsible for reaching out  - email their teacher or call the school (207 633 2421). The student is responsible to follow-up with the teacher and complete any worked missed. We understand, like with anything new, there will be a transition period. Please continue to reach out and ask questions. If we do not know the answer, we will find the answer for you. While you are working independently, we are here for you.

It is our hope to update everyone on the plan for CSD 6th-12th grade students to be back to campus (following the Hybrid format) on September 28th in the next few days. I am grateful to all who have been working so hard to prepare and be ready for our students' return to campus. As always, the health and safety of our students, staff and entire community are paramount. 

As a school leader and parent, I have seen my mailbox and social media feed fill with ideas and suggestions for how to develop schedules, virtual online experiences and parenting tips during a pandemic. I appreciate all of the tips and how-to lessons, but the voice inside reminds me- it is ok to need a break. It is ok to slow down. It is ok if you are feeling uncertain or they are extra moody. Our children are resilient and you are stronger that you know. By loving them you are doing everything you need to do. You are enough and you are not alone.

I thank you for your continued support,

Tricia Campbell

Principal, Boothbay Region High School

*This week: Juniors and Seniors- Financial Aid Night Tuesday, September 22nd at 5:30 pm, online - please email Ms. Johnson or Ms. Burnham with any       questions hannah.johnson@aos98schools.org

   Service Academy Night, Wednesday, September 23rd 6-8 pm, online - please email Ms. Johnson or Ms. Burnham with any questions lburnham@aos98schools.org