School Reopening Update

BRHS Students and Family,

We have been working diligently to solve the challenges the CSD faces with transportation, while also maintaining our compliance with MDOE and CDC safety guidelines and social distancing recommendations. However, without additional bus drivers, we cannot transport PreK-12th grade in the traditional arrival/dismissal format. One of the considerations we discussed is the idea of staggered school opening. Mr. Crocker and I reviewed our current schedule and plans moving forward and I have consulted with other school leaders. Additionally, the Education Commissioner approved the amendment to the school day to allow for two bus runs. 

We looked at the current high school schedule as well as the schedule we ran last spring and then worked thoughtfully and creatively to develop a schedule that allows the buses to follow their normal morning pick up for BRES preK-8th grade students. The buses would then be cleaned and go back out to pick up high school students - returning for a first period start of 9:00 am. We adjusted our schedule, shortening in-class time by 7 minutes per course period.  We will dismiss HS at 2:00 and the buses would then return to the school after drop off to pick up BRES students for dismissal.

Below you will find the adjustment to the BRHS schedule. The 8 -9 am morning period is available for student/parent communication and scheduled student intervention services (MTSS). All teachers will be in their CORE/homeroom classrooms available for scheduled student interventions and communications with students/families. This would support our Hybrid (yellow) school week. All students would be in first period class by 9:00 a.m. This change in the school day will begin on Monday 9/28/20. 

BRHS Virtual Academy students will continue their work online. Cohort A attends in-person classes on Monday and Thursday (synchronously online Tuesday and Friday). Cohort B students attend in-person classes on Tuesday and Friday (synchronously online Monday and Thursday). BRHS students work independently from home on Wednesdays.  All students are required to attend and check in to the CORE/Advisory group at 10:14 am each Wednesday morning. 

High School Late Start/Early Release Bell Schedule
Time                          Period
7:30 - 9:00                Scheduled Student Support, intervention (MTSS)/Parent Communication
9:00 - 10:05              Period 1
10:05 - 10:08            Passing
10:08 - 11:13               Period 2
11:13 - 11:38                        Lunch/CORE
11:38 - 11:41                 Passing
11:41 - 12:46                Period 3
12:46 - 12:49             Passing
12:49 - 1:54                Period 4

65 minute Classes
3 minute passing time
Any student that arrive before 9:00 must report to CORE room
Morning Bath Voc students take early bus into school -LeaveBRHS  at 7:45, return before period 3 starts
Afternoon Bath Voc Leave at 11:00
Busses Leave High School at 2:00

Thank you for your continued support,

Tricia Campbell

BRHS Principal