A Letter from BRHS Principal Tricia Campbell

Greetings BRHS Parent/Guardian(s):

The teachers and staff at BRHS are feeling incredibly excited to have students back in the building!

We have freshmen and other new students who will be experiencing our building for the first time on Monday and Tuesday morning. Our teachers and staff will be at the front entrance to welcome everyone and assist directing students to where they are going for Period One. BRHS students that are driving to school must park in the front lower parking lot. PreK-8th grade drop-off is now in the upper back parking lot. To help maintain safety for all, that parking lot is no longer available for student parking. Thank you for your help with this. Student safety is our highest priority.

Transportation Plan:

BRES PreK-8th grade students will follow the traditional bus schedule

Click the link to view our bus schedule for the 2020-2021 school year: https://bres.aos98.net/o/bres/article/302491

BRHS students should be out waiting for buses in the morning 45 minutes later than traditional bus schedule time.

*ALL BRHS "In-person" students must be in their first period class at 9 am on their scheduled Cohort days.

*AM Bath Voc Students can catch the early CSD bus at traditional time.

*ALL (Prek-12) Edgecomb and Southport students will be picked up and transported to school at the traditional time.

*Students arriving to BRHS before 9 should report directly to their CORE classrooms.

The buses will drop students off in the front of the high school. We will welcome students as they come in, grab breakfast at the stations set up as they enter and go directly to their first period classroom. All students are expected to be in their first period classes by 9 am (including students scheduled for study hall). This may take a few runs before we have it down smoothly, but working together and supporting one another- I know we will get there.

The student day will move quickly. All students report directly to their first period class. The students move from first period to second and then report to their CORE classroom for lunch. We ask that parents do NOT dismiss students for lunch. If a student does have to be dismissed early in the day for an appointment or other reasons, we ask that they do not return to the building until the next school day. We ask for your help and cooperation to support safety procedures and reduce exposure for students and staff in the school community. 

After lunch they will transition through period three and four. BRHS students taking the CSD buses home will be dismissed at 2 pm, we will then dismiss drivers and walkers. The Edgecomb bus dismisses at 2:15. The Southport bus will be available to transport any students to the Island at 3 pm.

With such an abbreviated day ALL students are expected to stay through for all of their classes, including students who have study hall last period. All students enrolled in study hall last period are scheduled to participate in online classes during that time. 

All students, staff and teachers are expected to be wearing a mask. Masks should be secured with ties or ear loops and fit snuggly against the side of the face. The school will have masks for any student that does not have one. Bandanas and kerchiefs are not acceptable alternatives. Hallways are marked to support social distancing and our teachers and staff will help students learn the new routines to help support a healthy and safe school day. We want to do all that we can to provide safe and positive instruction and learning opportunities for our students.

This year has, at times, felt like one never-ending stress test. We have been challenged to juggle changes in our daily schedules, managing the anxiety and fears of our loved ones, and seeking to provide some normalcy for our children. It is important that we stop to recalibrate, reflect and give ourselves permission to press the pause button.  We have had moments of success and moments that may have felt like failures. We grow with experience, facing life’s ups and downs with as much grace as we can muster. We continue to find the resilience to get back up and take one more step forward. I am grateful for all of you for working with us and beside us to support and care for the health and safety of all of our children. You are truly appreciated!

I thank you for your continued support,


Tricia Campbell

Principal, Boothbay Region High School