​BRHS 2021 BRHS Parent Teacher Conferences:

Please join us for an opportunity to discuss your student's progress. A parent/teacher conference is a short 15 minute meeting between you and your student's teacher(s) to talk about your child's academic progress and experience at school.

This year our conferences will be held virtually on November 18, 2021. Each teacher will have a Zoom Room that will have a unique link to join. You will be held in a Waiting Room on Zoom and the teacher will allow you in at your designated time. When you are done conferencing with one teacher you will leave their Zoom and then join the next teacher's Zoom with their link. Keep your confirmation email handy to quickly find and connect to your scheduled conferences.

Once you have made your selections for time slots, you will receive a confirmation email, that will include the teacher's unique Zoom link. Every teacher will have the same passcode to their Zoom Room. 


The Zoom passcode is: brhs2021

Thank you!
Principal Campbell

*You may make changes to your sign up at any time by returning to this form and choosing Change Sign Up.