Boothbay-Boothbay Harbor CSD Bus Runs

*Bus schedules are subject to change.

All buses will leave the schools between 6:40-7 a.m. to start pickups.

Bus 1--driven by Mr. Mike Drummond—Country Club Rd., Butler Rd. 6:53 a.m., right on Pension Ridge Rd. (East) 6:59, Pleasant Cove Road 7:01- turn around – Pension Ridge 7:06, onto Hardwick Rd 7:09, right on Route 27, right on River Rd. 7:15. Turn around- Pension Ridge Rd. 7:22, right on Hardwick Rd., 7:26. Left on Rt. 27 south 7:28 a.m. and back to school.

Bus 2--driven by Mr. Steve Francis—Grimes Cove 6:55 a.m., up Ocean Point, Left on Murray Hill Road 7:03, turn at Hodgdon Yachts left on Ocean Point Road 7:05, right on Bradley Road 7:09, left on Back Narrows Rd., Turn at Cunningham 7:15, back to Route 96, Rt. 96 7:20. Left on Eastern Ave., right on Rt. 27 7:26, back to school.

Bus 3--driven by Mrs. Martha Snow—6:42 a.m. leave school, left on Rt. 27, Hillside Pl, 6:52, Peaslee Rd 6:54, Townline Rd 6:55, 6:57 turn around at EM Wood, 7:05 right on Adams Pond, 7:07 right on Dover Road, 7:14 left on Back River Road, 7:20 left on Rt 27, 7:22 right on Country Club Road, 7:26 Right on Back Narrows, to school

Bus 4--Driven by Ms. Mary Witwicki—6:55 a.m. leave school, right onto Townsend Ave, Oak St at 6:58, West and Fullerton 7:01, Right onto Middle Rd 7:03, Turn around Hutchinson Drive 7:05, Right on Reed Road, Campbell Creek 7:07, Right onto Lakeview Rd 7:09, Lions Club 7:09, Left onto Western Ave, Right onto Commercial Street, Sea Street 7:15, Townsend Ave (Bakers way) 7:18, Right on Union St, Left on School Street, Eastern Ave, Right onto Kennyfield Drive 7:22, Left onto Park St.7:26, right onto Summit Rd, Right onto Bay St. 7:28, Left onto Atlantic Ave, turn around into Roads End 7:30, Right onto Lobster cove Rd back to Townsend Ave, to school

Bus 6--driven by Mr. Lyndon Roberts—Trevett Store 6:50 a.m., right on Eastside Rd. 6:56, to Cross Road, right on Westside Rd. 6:56, turn at Porcupine Lane, down West Side Road, right on Sawyer’s Island 7:05, left on Lakeside Rd to McKown Pt. turn at Aquariums 7:18, up Lakeside Rd, left on Barter Island Rd., left on Sproul Lane 7:25, right on Old Trevett Road 7:27, left on Cory Lane 7:28 and back to school.