BRHS Academy Period 2022-2023

Academy Period:

For the 2022-2023 school year we will be returning to a single bus run and the expectation that all BRHS students will report to school for the start of school time of 7:45 am.

ALL students MUST be at school for the first two weeks of school starting at 7:45 am for Academy Period Orientation. Academy Period is NOT a Study Hall and for seniors it is not included in the “Senior Privileges” category. After the first two weeks of school all students will have the opportunity to work to not be required to be present daily during Academy Period. Academy Period schedules are individual student schedules based on needs and enrichment opportunities.

Academy Period is an Academic Support, Intervention and Enrichment Block Period. BRHS Band is scheduled on Blue days and BRHS Chorus on Gold days and are BRHS Credit courses. All BRHS student grades and data will be reviewed in a 2-week cycle to assess need for support and assignment for Academy Period. The following is the criteria for a student to qualify to opt out of Academy Period for one 2-week cycle:

·      Students are required to be passing ALL of their classes and if they are TAGGED by a teacher for ANY reason, they are required to report to the Academy Period assignment.

·      BRHS will be using a new communication program REMIND to email or text students to alert them and remind them of where they are required to be for their individual Academy Period assignment (Intervention support, Instructor Office Hours for a conference or reteach opportunities, or an enrichment course/activity/investigation they signed up to participate in). It is the responsibility of the student to check their email at the start and end of each school day for important updates and communications.

·      If a student is required to be in an Academy Period and they are absent, they will be required to make up the missed intervention and support time with that teacher after school. 

We thank you for your continued support.

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