Greetings EES Families,

As you are aware, there is a shortage of school bus drivers in our community and across the country.  Our transportation team has come up with the following attached bus routes as a temporary solution until more drivers can be hired.  If you know of someone who is qualified and interested please share the below link to apply to work for AOS 98 Schools.  


The attached routes are slightly different from those published in the newspapers a few days ago.  These are the most up to date at this time.  We anticipate the routes may change slightly over the coming weeks as needed. We will keep you updated.  

Here are some important takeaways:

  • These changes allow for both Edgecomb routes to be completed, although it will take more time in the mornings and afternoons.  
  • Some students will arrive to EES and BRES later than last year.  Staff will accommodate their needs to ensure a smooth transition into their learning environment.
  • Bus 2 (Mr. Dave) will still depart EES and go to BRES at 7:30am daily to transport 7th-12th graders).
  • Bus 1 (Assorted Drivers) will do that route, drop off at EES, then continue to BRES with any 7th-12th graders.  These are the students who will be most affected by time changes.
  • If you prefer and/or are able to provide parent drop off and/or pick up during these next few weeks, please let us know.
  • The times are an estimate.  They may fluctuate 5-15 minutes based on many factors including traffic, weather, conduct of students, as well as road conditions.
  • We are grateful to the transportation team as a whole for their efforts and creativity.  Please give them your patience and understanding during this time and always.

Alna/Westport Buses and their routes are managed by the Wiscasset Bus Garage and can be reached at 882-7612.